I worked as a UX Designer at Raccoopack Media, an app development company that specializes in gamification. Below is a list of tasks and responsibilities that describe my role.

Jul 2021 - Jul 2022
UX Designer
Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects


Displayed below is a list of all the projects that I have been involved in since starting at Raccoopack Media. Feel free to have a look!

This section is dedicated to all of the work I have completed on the Raccoopack Media website. This includes brainstorming and ideation, layouts and mockups, new pages, graphics, and more.
A gamified application for BCMHSUS that focuses on boundaries in the workplace. This app places staff members in a simulation of their workplace which allows them to practice their communication skills with patients in a number of different scenarios.
Our team built a parts tracking app for Kekuli Bay Cabinetry which allowed staff to scan items and access them with ease. This project was already in progress when I started at Raccoopack. I took over the UI/UX responsibilities which included conducting user tests and design revisions.
I am currently redesigning Caro’s website and simplifying the process of buying test kits and managing orders. The goal of this project is to combine three separate websites into one streamlined process that is intuitive and maintains Caro’s style and personality.
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